Title Download
A Resolution in Support of Publicly Available Course Evaluations 15-006-W
A Resolution to Reallocate Computing Resources on Michigan's Central Campus to Create Extra CAEN Environments for College of Engineering Students 15-004-W
A Resolution In Support of the Title IX Syllabus Language as Proposed by SAPAC 15-002-W
A Resolution Expressing Support for the Expansion of the Non-Discrimination Policy 15-001-W
A Resolution to Form a Constitutional Convention, to Set its Operating Procedures, and for Other Purposes 14-001-W
A Resolution to Support Implementation of Zero-Waste Football in the Michigan Stadium by the University of Michigan 12-003-W
Tie-Breaking Amendment to the UMEC By-Laws 12-002-W
Amendment to Update the UMEC By-Laws Where Appropriate 12-001-W
Resolution to Endorse the Reduction of Diesel Emission from Construction Equipment to be Used in Building the Center of Excellence in Nano Mechanical Science and Engineering 11-001-W
Resolution To Endorse the Creation of Single Credit Mini-Courses in the General Engineering Curriculum 10-001-W
Resolution to Increase Funding from the College of Engineering 08-001-W