For quick access: here's the application. You will need to login with your uniqname, so that we can verify who you are and also contact you if need be. You can check on the status of your application here.

The Process

Here is the process for how ESG is involved with student initiatives.

  1. You ask for funds by submitting an application. Anyone can apply, whether you’re an individual or a student organization. Make sure to check our funding guidelines here.
  2. The budgetary committee reviews the application. If more information is needed to make a decision, they’ll contact you.
  3. If the budgetary committee decides to fund your initiative, that decision goes to the ESG Senate for approval.
  4. Once the funding is approved, you’ll get an email. If you’re a student organization, the funds will be transferred to the group's SOAS account.
  5. You and/or your group members make purchases related to your initiative.
  6. If you’re a student org, you reimburse your members, and then return any leftover money to ESG. If you’re not a student organization, you’ll submit receipts to the ESG Treasurer for direct reimbursement.

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